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[Raw text from Scottish Ceremonies site. To be formatted/edited.]

And I will luve thee still, my dear, 

Till a' the seas gang dry

​Scotland  exerts an inexplicable pull on many people. The Scottish diaspora is made up of those who have left Scotland over the years, either through choice; looking for adventure,  following their love or looking for work. More likely, in the past, people were forced to leave through displacement and clearances.  Those who left passed on to their children and grandchildren stories of the mountains, glens, islands and seas of Scotland.  Of the mists and the bewitching skies.


And, to be honest, the wind and the rain and the midges.  


Scotland has been described as 'the best small country in the world'. The  awesome beauty of the  lochs, mountains and  glens along with the songs of the beaches, the islands and the mysteries of the Standing Stones and Brochs call out to people all over the world. As does the music, the whisky, the wildness of the weather and the wealth of the history, starting from mists of the Picts and Celts. 

Callanish Stones of Lewis, Outer Hebrides


For those of you who love romance and  the wildness and history and culture of Scotland, what could be better than celebrating your marriage vows or renewal of vows in Scotland? 


I offer fully, hand crafted ceremonies which entwine the nature, history and beauty of Scotland with your ceremony. I can arrange guided tours which bring Scottish History to life, as well as food and cooking experiences.  There are lots of whiskies to match to food!

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