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Welcome to Kelpie Quines!

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Hi there! I'm Monica, the primary tour guide at Kelpie Quines. Right now I’m sitting by Loch Katrine in Trossachs National Park, taking in the calm, the beauty, and the birdsong while my guests are off on an hour cruise of the loch.

I love my job. I get to meet lovely people from all over the world, show off the wonders of Scotland, her glens, lochs and mountains. I get to take time out in beautiful places and breath clean, clear air, catch sight of otters and puffins, sometimes catching a paddle in the sea when visiting a beach and generally have a great time. Compared to other work, being a tour guide is great fun. I work with people who are on holiday and are ready to enjoy themselves and who are interested in Scotland, her attractions, her history, the food and drink (and there is more to Scotland than whisky & haggis).

After the past two years of intermittent lockdowns, it’s a relief to be out again. So far this year, the weather has been cold and bright, and I have yet to do a tour where it has rained all day. I haven’t got totally lost while following multiple diversions and closed of roads (especially in Edinburgh where the tram works add interest to route planning). So far, so good!

The busy season is starting and I’m raring to go, but right now, I’m savouring the moment.

Scotland is waiting for you.

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