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Renewal of Vows


Why renew your vows?


There are lots of reasons why couples are drawn to renew their vows.


Day to day living takes a toll on all relationships, routine can dull the enjoyment of being together, especially if the routine  takes the form of  picking up someone's socks from the floor and a weekly negotiation about whose turn it is to put out the bin.   The joy of your partnership is taken for granted.  Maybe its time to commit to each other again?


Is it time to mark the importance of your relationship, with new family members, old friends and new?


Did you have little say over your original ceremony and wish you had done it in a different way?  Was it too large or too small, or  was it done to meet family expectations and those expectations weren't yours? You wanted a beach at sunset, but found yourself in the registrars at 1pm?


As the years have passed, you've both gained so much knowledge and experience.  Sometimes life will have been tough, but you've survived.  That's worth celebrating.


Here's the opportunity to do it again, anyway you want.  You can have the original music and readings and remember those who are no longer with you, while welcoming new friends and family members into your life.  You can celebrate life's moments along the way. It can be completely new - to acknowledge the past and look to the future with hope.  


Now's the time to find that beach, hotel, woodland or garden to renew and exchange your vows.


What are you waiting for?

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