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You’re getting married!


The question has been asked and answered.  You’re getting married. You might have a venue, you’re looking at a date and working out a budget.  You might even be worrying about a guest list. 


As  you’re here, reading this page, you’ve probably decided you want to do it your way, to have a wedding which is unique to you and that’s why you want a celebrant.


Your own words, in any order you want, infront of the people you care for, at the venue of your choice, a tent, a hotel, a beautiful beach or magic woodland.


My hand made ceremonies are tailored for you.  Some couples know exactly what they want, they know what they want to say and when.  I can facilitate that.  Maybe you’re not so sure, so I can help  find the words for your vows,  the music, and help you decide who is involved in your ceremony and how you want it done.

Some couples are extrovert and want to proclaim their love for each other and their commitment in front of all their family and friends, (and possibly pets), in a flamboyant and colourful way, others want things more low key but still  individual and meaningful to them, others still, would prefer to exchange smiles and  a quiet ‘ I do’.


There can be sand ceremonies and handfasting.  There can be songs and dances.  It’s what you want. That’s what I’m here for.

We will have an initial consult to see if we are suited for each other and from then, we go on to plan your ceremony.  I recommend a walk through at your venue before the actual day. 


And we’re off! 




As a secular (but not a member of the Scottish Humanist Society), professional celebrant here’s a quick reminder of what I can’t do.


I can’t legally marry you.  What you need to do is make an appointment with the local registrar, meet the registrar with 2 witnesses, a day or so before your public ceremony, say the legally binding bit, sign the legal register and then you’re free to have whatever kind of ceremony you want to mark your commitment to each other. ​

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